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​John F. Kennedy (JFK)
​Middle College H​igh School


Steps to Admission

  • You are a NEW Norco College student if you are a JFK student who has never attended Norco College before.
  • You are a RETURNING student if you missed one or more primary terms (fall/spring). You must reapply. 
  • You are a CONTINUING student if you are a JFK student who was enrolled in a course after the first two weeks or 20% of the course in the previous term. As a continuing student you will NOT need to submit a new application. 

For New and Returning students

  1. Complete the Online Admission Application and print the confirmation page. 

  2. Complete the JFK School/Parent Approval Form, (available from the Kennedy Middle College High School).
  3. Submit the application confirmation page and JFK School/Parent Approval Form in person to Norco College Admissions ​​and Records

  4. Activate your student em​​ail

    It is essential that you sign-in to receive important information and updates, such as available courses, schedule changes, waitlist status, and more. 

  5. Enroll in classes. 

    ​​Access your registration appointment ​​through WebAdvisor . This is the time and day when your enrollment begins.
    View Schedu​​le of Classes
    Register for classes as soon as your registration appointment allows, either in person at the A&R counter or online through WebAdvisor. 
     “Add” and “Drop” deadlines are strictly enforced. 

  6. Pay fees 

    ​​Make payments o​nlin​e or in person. 
    Fee payment deadlines​​ are enf​​orced.​