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  • HSCE students may add themselves to a class waitlist when the course section is closed due to section capacity. 
  • If a seat becomes available in that course, the next student on the waitlist will automatically be enrolled and notified via their RCCD Student Email when they are moved into the class. 
  • Students not automatically added can attend the first class meeting with a HSCE Add Card (on-site classes) or email the instructor (online classes) to request to be added to the course. 
  • If granted approval, an authorization code will be issued by the instructor in order to add the course via WebAdvisor. If the 3 HSCE limit has been reached, students will be required to obtain the instructor’s authorization signature on the High School Concurrent Enrollment Add Card (available in Admissions and Records) before adding the course in-person at Admissions and Records. 
  • If a signature rather than an authorization code is obtained, the class must be added in person at Admissions and Records.
  • Students can determine their waitlist status by clicking on Manage My Waitlist in WebAdvisor.​