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​Enrollm​​ent Limitations

  • HSCE students may enroll in a maximum of 8 units in Fall/Spring and 5 units in Summer.
  • HSCE students are not permitted to enroll in any Kinesiology (KIN) courses.
  • Norco College allows up to 3 HSCE students to be enrolled in a course. Once the limit has been reached, the instructor’s authorization (signature) on a Norco College HSCE Add Card is required to enroll.  
  • HSCE students approved at Norco College may enroll into general courses offered at Riverside City or Moreno Valley Colle​ge, in accordance with each college’s high school concurrent enrollment policies and procedures.
  • HSCE students approved at Riverside City or Moreno Valley College may only enroll into Norco College classes in person.​