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This year's commencement will take place on June 7, 2019 at 6:00pm. For degree & certificate deadlines, please visit the Evaluations & Graduation page. 

For information on purchasing your cap & gown, and general commencement ceremony information, click here to view, download and print the commencement brochure​.​


Over 3,500 friends and family gathered at commencement to cheer on their loved ones at last year's ceremony. Emotions ran high on the soccer field last year, as over 350 graduates walked on stage to accept their diploma. 

This year, Norco College Faculty Speaker, Quinton Bemiller will address the graduates with a speech of encouragement and hope, while Student Speaker, Angelica Gutierrez, will share her story with a heart-tugging, yet inspirational view of the future for all graduates. The evening will be full of excitement and celebration. 

Here are some interesting facts about last year's graduates: 

  • 1,216 students graduated 
  • 1,732 associate degrees awarded 
  • 479 certificates awarded 
  • 293 students graduated with distinction (3.3 to 3.6) 
  • 151 graduated with great distinction (3.7 and above) 
  • 50 graduated with a 4.0 (earning an A in every course) 
  • 6 graduates completed the Honors Program 
  • 9 graduates served in Student Government 
  • 24 graduates were veterans of the armed services 
  • Most senior graduate was 67 years old 
  • Youngest graduate was 17 years old 

Many students will be receiving multiple degrees. Last year, these were the numbers:​

  • 294 received two degrees 
  • 140 received three degrees 
  • 86 received four degrees 
  • 28 received five degrees 
  • 4 received six degrees 

Our JFK Middle College High School students continued to set the bar. Last year,…

  • 27 students who graduated JFK High School on May 31, also graduated from Norco College on June 7. 
  • 85 high school student graduates from JFK also completed their freshman year of college while attending HS. 

On behalf of Norco College, CONGRATULATIONS Class of 2019! You did it. Continue to transform your life through education and never stop making this world a better place. We believe in you. ​