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​High Tech Center

Software: available for home access during campus closure 

  • Voice Recogn​​ition (Speech to Text) with Microsoft Word Online Voice Dictation 
  • JAWS - screen reader​​
  • ZoomText - screen magnification 
  • Kurzweil 3000 ​- Scan and Read technology for users with learning disabilities 

​For assistance with the above software, please contact the DRC Technology Specialist, Matt Allen: Matt.Allen@norcocollege.edu. 

*​Unavailable due to Campus Closure*

The DRC High Tech Center is a computer center designed to provide access to adaptive technologies for individuals with disabilities. These technologies enable students to gain access to standard college coursework. Please follow the links to find information on the different hardware and software that is made available to students in the High Tech Center and what the requirements are for obtaining access to the lab.

All students with a disability that are accepted to the DRC are eligible to use the High Tech Center.​


  • High speed computers with 19" flat-panel monitors for students with low vision. 
  • Headphones available for private listening 
  • High quality microphones for use with Dragon Naturally Speaking 
  • Logitech Ergonomic keyboards with touchpads and other alternative keyboards (as requested) 
  • Kensington Expert Mouse Trackballs and other ergonomic mice (as requested)​