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Student and Faculty Resources


Accessing approved accommodations and services is a shared responsibility among students, faculty, and staff. While the DRC staff can assist in facilitating the accommodations, students play a key role in advocating for themselves (see Norco College DRC Student Handbook). Students can also review the DRC Student Handbook.


The DRC collaborates with faculty and staff to ensure accommodations and services are accessible by students with disabilities. Faculty spend the most time with the students in and outside of class. Therefore, it is important that faculty know that the DRC is here to serve as an educational resource to help students with disabilities in their classes access approved accommodations and services. Faculty can learn more about services for students with disabilities and how to effectively respond to their needs in the Norco College DRC Faculty Guide.


For more information about disability related resources, students, faculty, and staff can visit:

CoronaFamily Care Center
505 South Buena Vista Ave #101
Corona CA 92882
(800) 720-9553

Riverside County
Department of Public Health

Riverside County
Department of Mental Health

1195 Magnolia Ave
Corona CA 92879


The successful transition of students with disabilities to, through and beyond college is a team effort. AHEAD offers information to students, parents, professionals and employers so that all are aware of the wide range of resources that are available.

Disability Scholarships
A great number of scholarships exist for people with disabilities, ranging from financial aid for students with learning disabilities to scholarships for disabled veterans to grants for students with vision loss, hearing loss, and mobility impairments, among others. Start your search here with Disaboom.

HEATH Resource Center
The HEATH Resource Center has information for students with disabilities on educational disability support services, policies, procedures, adaptations, accessing college or university campuses, career-technical schools, and other postsecondary training entities. They have information on financial assistance, scholarships, and materials that help students with disabilities transition into college, university, career-technical schools, or other postsecondary programs.

Inland Empire Disabilities Collaborative

LD Online

National Learning Disabilities Association

Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary Education: Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

Study Resources
Math review:
Multi-subject review resources:

Transitioning from High School to College tips