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Transfer Planning Checklist

RCCD offers “lower division” (freshman and sophomore) General Education and major preparation courses equivalent to those at a university. After you transfer, you will complete your “upper division” (junior and senior) coursework and graduate with your bachelor’s degree from the university. RCC offers a rigorous course of study to prepare students for success when they transfer to four-year colleges or universities. The Transfer Center provides coordinated resources, activities, and services that support the transfer process.

Prior to your first semester:

  • Take assessment tests for English, math, and reading.
  • English and math are critical to transfer so it is to your benefit to complete these course requirements as soon as possible.

During your first semester:

  • Make an appointment with a counselor. (Even if you are undecided about your major or transfer institution, it is still important to see a counselor so you do not waste time or money! You need to be aware of general education requirements.)
  • Enroll in English and Math.
  • Many 4-year colleges and universities require completion of transferable math and English at least one semester prior to enrollment. For competitive colleges and majors, complete the required math and English courses at least two semesters prior to enrollment to help your chances of admission.
  • Acquire knowledge about possible majors - major sheets are available in Counseling. You will find the most up-to-date CSU/US articulation information at:
  • Determine which general education (GE) plan you should follow:
  • CSU General Education Requirements (accepted by CSU and some private institutions)
  • IGETC (accepted by UCs- most majors – see back of IGETC for more info., CSUs, and some private institutions)
  • Other patterns as required by choice of major and/or some private universities
  • Check with your counselor, four-year college representative or the Transfer Center to ensure the appropriate choice.
  • Visit the Financial Aid Office to find out about financial assistance and possible college funding sources.
  • Examine your interests, goals, and plans for the future. If you are undecided you can take Guidance 47: Career Explorations, visit the Career Center for assistance, and/or schedule a counseling appointment.
  • Visit the Transfer Center to explore your transfer options.

During your stay at Norco College:

  • Meet with your counselor every semester to check your academic progress and inquire about university and/or program changes.
  • Visit the Transfer Center every semester to take advantage of the following services/programs:
  • Make appointments with university representatives.
  • Take campus tours of many universities.
  • Check for changes in university admissions and/or program requirements.
  • Attend college fairs and transfer-related workshops.
  • Research scholarship and financial aid opportunities.
  • Utilize many resources and computer applications
  • Complete or update FAFSA every January or February to ensure your financial aid for the coming year.
  • Check for updated General Education (GE) sheets and Guide to Major Sheets to stay on top of changes each semester via the Counseling Department or the Transfer Center.

The year before you transfer:

  • Meet with your counselor and four-year college representatives to plan your final coursework. Apply for graduation.
  • Go online to and to find invaluable transfer information, hands-on application information and training, campus comparisons, and specific campus highlights.
  • Apply for admission to the campuses of your choice one year in advance of anticipated transfer date. Application workshops and assistance are available in the Transfer Center – Be sure to pay attention to deadlines.
  • Seek out and apply for scholarships from RCCD, your potential transfer institutions,, and private companies and organizations. Search online for possible scholarships and visit the financial aid center for assistance.
  • Complete or update FAFSA in January to ensure your financial aid for the coming year.
  • (CSU fall applicants) Send first set of official transcripts when requested by the University.
  • (UC fall applicants) In January, complete the Work in Progress form at
  • Request your official final transcripts from RCCD’s Admissions and Records Office when required by the four-year institution. Be sure to check the box on the transcript request from RCCD for general education certification!

For more information stop by or call Norco at (951) 372-7043.