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Mustang Mentors

​​The Norco College Success Network is an online registry of guides who are willing and available to help Norco College students achieve their personal, academic, and career goals.  The network provides students with search​ features to help them find and connect with those who may be able to provide helpful information about college majors, transfer universities, various career fields, and local employers.  Norco College faculty who list their profiles in the system are called “Mustang Mentors”.  

Group at Table.jpgLiterature on student retention has long recognized guidance from faculty as an effective strategy​ for improving student success.  If you would like to share your academic and career back​ground by creating a guide profile, please create an account at https://successnetwork.norcocollege.edu. 

If you have any questions about becoming a Mustang Mentor, please contact us at MustangMentors@norcocollege.edu​.​

Looking for more ways to connect with students and coordinate activities to support their career development?  Download our Discussion Topics and Activity Ideas guide below: