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Students can only access EduNav by logging into WebAdvisor or MyPortal by clicking on the "Register and Drop Classes" link in the Registration section

With EduNav, you plan and register for all your courses in a guided, intuitive system personalized to your needs and preferences. You can quickly:

  • ​Visualize your pathway to graduation, term by term - and understand how any changes to your plan affect your completion timeline
  • Block times you'd prefer not to take classes and have the system automatically find classes that meet your needs
  • Plan, schedule and register for all your courses in one intuitive interface
  • View your entire academic history including any courses transferred from other institutions

EduNav is our current registration system. Students who have a supported program of study will automatically be redirected to EduNav from WebAdvisor and/or MyPortal when you click on the Register and Drop Classes link listed in the Registration section.

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​Getting Help with EduNav

EduNav is a degree planning tool to help students—and their advisors—navigate the path all the way to graduation. With EduNav, you plan and register for all your courses in a guided, intuitive system, personalized to your needs and preferences.

We’re rolling out EduNav across the institution over the next few terms, and eventually everyone will know what it is and how it works. In the meantime, however, if you have questions or problems with EduNav, please use the contacts below or schedule an appointment with a counselor.

If you are a student:

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Getti​​ng into EduNav


Using EduNav/Experiencing Issues

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Meet with a Counselor

​​Report issues/problems​
​Use Chat feature located in bottom right corner of EduNav 
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If you are an advisor or staff member:

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