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What Should I Major In?

Are you still deciding on a major? That's OK! You are not alone! It is okay to start college and not have a clue about what you want to study. Believe it or not, between 30-40% of incoming students are uncertain of a major or their field of study. Choosing a major is one of those decisions that comes to you in your own way and is based on your personal interests, goals, and life experiences.

Entering college as an undecided major has great advantages. Your time as an undecided major can be used to explore your interests and develop fundamental skills that will be essential to your future career. It is also estimated that over 75-80% of students change their majors and many do so more than once. Regardless, there is no right or wrong way to choose a major. If you are still deciding which path to take, there are many ways to conquer your dilemma.

Start by researching the Degrees and Certificates and Career and Technical Education programs that Norco College has to offer.

Then, check out What Can I do With a Major In...  Click on a major and learn what types of jobs are available, who the employers are and strategies for making yourself marketable in your chosen field.

If you're still undecided, stop by the Career Center for assistance.