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​Spanish Placement Test

The Spanish test measures competency levels for those who wish to enroll into higher level Spanish but need to determine the appropriate starting level. These results will show a recommendation of the appropriate Spanish class. Students can enroll in a level lower than their placement, but not higher.

Test Details

The Spanish test presents questions of different ability levels, adapting the next question's level according to your answers.  The number of items you will be required to complete depends upon your ability to use the language.  Results are made available upon completion and may take 1 - 2 business​ days to be entered into your record. 

The Spanish test can be completed by appointment or as a drop-in.  To schedule an appointment, please use the online appointment system.​  To come in as a drop-in, please view the calendar​ for "Open Test" sessions.​  A picture ID is needed to complete the test.