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English as a Second Language​

Is the ESL program for you?  If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, then the ESL test is probably the right choice for you.  

  • Did you graduate from high school in another country? 
  • If you graduated from an American high school, did you take ESL there? 
  • Were you born and raised in another country? 
  • Do you mostly speak a language other than English at home? 

The ESL test, also known as the Proficiency Test in English as a Second Language (PTESL), is designed for non-native English speakers.  The test will measure your knowledge of the English language and readiness to take college-level classes.

Test Details

  • Paper & Pencil
  • 5 background questions
  • 20 listening questions
  • 75 grammar and reading comprehension questions
  • Time limit: 1½ hours to complete.

Make an appointment to take the English as a Second Language (PTESL) test: 
Click here to schedule your PTESL appointment online.  If you need assistance with scheduling your appointment, please contact us for assistance.​​