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​Chem​istry Diagnostic Exam 

​The Chemistry Diagnostic Exam is for students who have already taken chemistry courses and would like to validate Chemistry 2A to enroll directly into Chemistry 1A. To be approved to take the Chemistry Diagnostic, students must provide the following documentation to a counselor, or counseling staff:

  • Completion of one year high school chemistry with a final grade of "C” or better. (Unofficial and official transcripts are acceptable; unofficial online transcripts must be verified by a counselor or counseling staff.)
  • Completion of a 4-unit college level chemistry course with a "C" or b​​etter; inside or outside the United States.​

Once you have your approval form signed by a counselor, you will be able to schedule your appointment to take the exam via phone, email or in-person. You will need to bring in your signed approval form to be collected by an Assessment Staff on the day of the Chemistry Diagnostic Exam.

Exam Details 

  • Paper & Pencil 
  • 45 minute time limit 
  • 44 questions 
  • We will provide you​ with a calculator, Periodic Table of Elements and a table of symbols and abbreviations. 
(The test covers: Compounds and elements; states of matter; reactions of matter; structure of matter; periodic properties; solutions; qualitative kinetics and thermodynamics; lab skills, and mathematical skills.)

This exam is a one-time test and there is no re-test. 

Note – MAT-35 is a pre-requisite for enrollment into Chemistry 1A 

Download Sample Questions​​

Once the test is completed, you will receive your results. These results will appear on your record within 1 to 2 business days.