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The Assessment process is an important step to identify appro​priate placements and assist in making more informed choices to help you realize your educational goals.

​UPDATE: With the newly enacted AB 705 Bill, Norco College has implemented a new placement process to maximize the opportunity for students to enter transfer level coursework for English and math.  Click here to learn more about AB 705 ​

Placements for English ​and math are now measured by using high school information which is collected during the admissions application process. Placement results can be located in
We​bAdvisor and MyPortal​ by going to Academic Planning then clicking on the Placement Test Summary link.

Students are highly encouraged to meet with an Educational Advisor or a Counselor to better understand placement results.

For placements in English as a Second Language (ESL), sign up to complete the Proficiency Test in English as a Second Language. Click here​ to get detailed information about the English as a Second Language Test.

*NEW--If your placements were completed prior to October 1, 2018 you may be eligible to recieve new placements.  Click here for further information. 

Self-Guided Placement

Per AB 705, students have the right to complete our locally developed process for self-placement into math and English. For English self-guided placement, students who do not place into ENG-1A directly may visit the Counseling Office to complete a form to opt out of ENG-91. For math self-guided placement, students must visit with a counselor to discuss appropriate placement. In certain circumstances, some students will be referred to the math department chair for further assistance in self-placement.​

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