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Accuplacer Online


If you are a first-time Norco College student, you will need to take Accuplacer Online assessment test to help determine what level of English and math courses you need to take.  You must wait at least one to two working days after submitting your online admissions application before you can make an appointment for Accuplacer Online.


Accuplacer Online tests take about 1½ hours to complete both English and math segments.  New students will have to take the full test of English and math. Some continuing and transferring students may have to take only the English or math segment. Both sections can be taken independently.

Accuplacer Online is designed to measure your academic skills, so it is not something that you would “study” for in the traditional sense. Cramming or studying before taking Accuplacer Online will yield inaccurate results and you may wind up in a class that you are not prepared for.

However, taking time to refresh yourself in the general concepts can be helpful, especially if it has been a year or more since your last English or math class. View some sample questions to familiarize yourself with the test's format.

Accuplacer Online is a multiple-choice, computerized test.  You will use the mouse to click on the appropriate bubble.  

Accuplacer Online is an adaptive test. That means, when you answer a question correctly, the following question will be more difficult. Or, if you answer a question incorrectly, the following question will be less difficult. For that reason, you cannot leave a question blank and come back to it later. All questions must be answered in the order they appear. Carefully read the directions for each question. Make sure you understand what the question is asking before you choose an answer.

It is important to understand you will take this test only once.

The test is not timed, so it is crucial you take your time, relax and work at your own pace. You should not take the test if you are tired, hungry, angry, ill, stressed or in a hurry. If you begin to feel any of these things during the test, or if you need to leave for another reason, you can leave the test for the day.

Assessment Center staff members will close your test and give you a reminder sheet showing the dates you can return to complete your test. Generally you can return up to ten days after you begin the test. Do not lose your reminder sheet - you will need to give it to the Assessment staff when you return.

If you start the Accuplacer Online test at Norco College, you can finish it at any Riverside Community College District college or learning center as long as you finish the test by the "Complete Before" date indicated on the reminder sheet. And, test results are valid at any RCCD college.

If you have Accuplacer Online assessment test results from another college, you may submit them for evaluation if:

  • The test is the same one used at Norco College.
  • Results are no more than a year old.
  • Print out of results must be from the Accuplacer Online program and must include raw scores, not scores changed by multiple measures.
Assessment Center staff will evaluate your test scores along with multiple measures data you provide on the "Matriculation Appeal for Outside Placement Evaluation" form to determine your appropriate placements. You will be notified of your placements within five days.



The English portion of the test consists of two sections – reading comprehension and sentence skills -- of 20 questions. Each section will take 30 to 50 minutes to complete. See English Assessment for more information and sample questions.


The Math portion of the test is divided into three sections: Arithmetic (17 questions), Elementary Algebra (12 questions) and College Level Math (20 questions). Background questions at the beginning of the test will assess your previous experiences with math and determine which section you begin with. Depending on your performance in the initial section, you may be directed to other sections. The test will take about 45 minutes to an hour.

See Math Assessment for more information and sample questions.


If you learned another language before learning English, the Proficiency Test in English as a Second Language (PTESL) might be more appropriate for you. Consult the Testing Calendar and call the Assessment Center for an appointment.


Even though the test is not timed, the Assessment Center has wheelchair access and large print capabilities. If you have a documented disability requiring a unique accommodation, please consult the Assessment staff or the Office of Disabled Students Programs and Services.