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​ Assessment Center Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for the test?

I’m not able to schedule an appointment?

Can I prepare for the Accuplacer placement test?

What do I need to bring with me?

What not to bring?

Where do I park my car?

Where is the Assessment Center located?

How long is the test?

Can I retest if I don’t like my results?

When do I find out my results?

Can I locate my placement results online?

What happens after I complete the placement test?

I took the placement test at another college, can I use those results?

I have already started my English, Math and Reading courses at another college, do I still need to take the test?

Can my test results be sent to another college?

Are my Norco College placement results good for Riverside City College and Moreno Valley College?

My EAP results waived my placement test but now I cannot enroll into the course?

I’m still in high school, but I want to take classes at Norco College