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Frequently Asked Questions

General Admissions and Records

Can I attend Norco College if I did not graduate from high school?

What is an AA/AS degree, and which ones are offered at Norco College?

How do I get started at Norco College if I'm a new student?

Is Norco College on semesters or quarters?

What is O.A.C.?

Do I have to complete my O.A.C. by a certain time?

How do I find out my registration date and time?

Where do I purchase the college catalog? Where can I get a schedule of classes?

Can I attend Norco College, while I am currently enrolled in High School?



What is a major or program of study?

Do I have to commit to a degree or certificate program?



What is a full-time student?

What is a unit?

How many units must I take each term?

What is the maximum number of units I can take in a semester or winter/summer session?



How do I add classes on WebAdvisor with an Authorizarion code?

What is the procedure for dropping a class?



How many times am I allowed to repeat a course?

How can I get an incomplete in a class?



What is a prerequisite?

How do I prove that I meet a course prerequisite?


Nonresident Tuition Exemption

How do I qualify for the AB540 nonresident tuition exemption?


Pass/No Pass

What is Pass/No Pass, and how do I take a Pass/No Pass class?


Grade-Point Average

How do I calculate my GPA?


International Students

What do I do if I'm an International Student?


Credit for Advanced Placement Scores

How do I receive credit for AP (Advanced Placement) test scores?


CSU/IGETC Certification

How do I request CSU/IGETC Certification?



Do I need to send Norco College my other college transcripts?

Do I need to send Norco College my high school transcripts?

How do I receive credit for coursework taken in another country?

How do I request an evaluation of coursework from another institution?