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​​Using Apprenticeship to Tra​​in Your Workforce

Why Use the Apprenticeship Model?

  • Combining a customized education and career path for your employees is a proven method for:
    • ​Increasing the skills among your current workforce
    • Standardizing training for professions within your company
    • Reducing turnover 
    • Increasing productivity
  • Apprenticeship facilitates succession within your company by providing a structure for skills and knowledge to transfer from expert employees to new recruits 

How Can Norco College Help?

  • Apprenticeship Directors at Norco College are here to help you:
    • ​Understand the registered apprenticeship model
    • Link with existing models and/or programs that fit your needs and connect you with the appropriate resources
    • Start using the apprenticeship model within your company

To discover whether an apprenticeship program is right for your organization, please contact us and inquire!​

​​Derek Sy

Derek Sy
California Careers Pathway Trust
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