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​​Evaluation Process

​Evaluation of Norco College's strategic planning; program review, resource allocation, and decision-making process shall be comprised of an annual cycle that includes the following elements:

2020-21 through 2024-25 Evaluation Process

​​​1. Councils and Committees Report of Effectiveness

​2. Institutional Effectiveness and Planning Survey

3. College President Memorandum

4. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Progress & Public Accountability Report​

5. Resource Allocation Report

6. Assessment of the Evaluation Procedures & Governance Structure

  • ​​2022-2023​​​​​​

2010-11 through 2019-​20 

​​1​. Survey of Effectiveness of the Planning Councils

2.​ Report of Effectiveness of the Academic Senate and Senate Standing Committees

3. Memorandum from the College President of Norco College
4. Progress Report on the Strategic Planning Educational Master Plan Goals, Objectives and "Dashboard Indicators"
5. Institutional Effectiveness and Planning Survey