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​​​Equity and Data Coaching 

Focus on collecting, distributing, and interpreting data that reflects racial equity on campus​.

​For assistance email Research@norcocollege.edu​


  • ​​​​Greg Aycock,  ​Dean of Institutional Effectiveness​​​​
  • Caitlin Welch, Research Analyst 

Data Coaches

  • ​Sergio Alcala, Associate Faculty, Counseling​
  • Charise Allingham, Administrative Assistant, Institutional Effectiveness
  • Janelle Brekke, Senior Academic Evaluator, Admissions and Records
  • Courtney Buchannan, Assistant Professor, Anthropology​
  • Steven Camacho, Assistant ​Professor, English​
  • Peggy Campo, Associate Professor, Anatomy and Physiology
  • Araceli​ Covarrubias, Assistant Professor, Spanish​
  • Mark DeAsis​, Dean, Admissions and Records​
  • Eric Doucette, ​Assistant Professor, Business Administration
  • Vivian Harris, Associate Professor, Library Services
  • Ryan Hitch, Associate Faculty, English
  • Dominique Hitchcock, Professor, Spanish and French
  • Caroline Hutchings, Assistant Professor, Statistics
  • Ashlee Johnson, Instructor, Engineering Tech
  • Danielle McCarson, Dean, Special Funded Programs
  • Jethro Midgett, Associate Professor, Counseling
  • Brittnee A. ​Quintanar, Assistant ​Professor, Counseling
  • Daniel Turrubiartes, Associate Faculty, English
  • Kara Zamiska, Assistant Professor, Psychology
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