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​How ​t​o Register for D​istance Education Courses

You can register online through WebAdvisor or in person at any one of RCCD's three colleges. 
Please Note: before you can register for an Distance Education course, you will need to follow the steps to submit an application for admission at Moreno Valley College,  Nor​co CollegeRiverside City College, or online through the Califor​nia Community Colleges Online Application.

For more information or questions regarding applying for admission, contact  Riverside City College Admissions and Records at (951) 222-8600, Moreno Valley College Student Services at (951) 571-6101, or Norco College Student Services at (951) 372-7003.

How to petition to add an Open Campus Online Course
There is not currently an automated procedure for petitioning to add an CLOSED online class. You may be able to contact the instructor by email and ask to be added to the class. The ​WebAdvisor  Schedule may list the Instructor'​s email address.

PLEASE NOTE: Emailing the instructor DOES NOT guarantee that the course is open or that the instructor will allow you to add the course.

Be sure to provide the instructor your full name, email address, 7-digit RCC Student ID Number, the course title, and the course section number.

Once you have emailed your request to be added, please do not continue to contact the instructor regarding your petition to add. If the instructor allows you to add, then they will contact you by e-mail, and provide an individualized add code. You must use this add code to register for the course register in person at Moreno Valley CollegeNorco ​CollegeRiverside Ci​ty College​, OR online through WebAdvisor.

Late Adds
If you have recently added a course, it will take one business day before you will be able to log into that course.  Please note that if the add occurs at the end of the work week AND near the end of our business day, you may not be added to the class until the following Monday.