Yow Family Scholarship
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Yow Family Scholarship


Norco College Alumna Continues Family Tradition of Service

Norco College alumna Jocelyn Yow always understood the importance of serving her community. Her father is a lifelong Lions Club member and Jocelyn has fond childhood memories of accompanying her parents on various service activities. After graduating from high school in Malaysia, she moved to Eastvale with her family and enrolled at Norco College as a social & behavioral science major. Both Jocelyn and her brother Johan, who attended Norco College as a business major, continued their family’s tradition of service by participating in student government and various honors societies. Jocelyn served as Student Body President before transferring from Norco College to UC Berkeley in 2014. Johan joined her at Berkeley the following year.

Now an immigration specialist with the United States Congress, Jocelyn looks back at her time at Norco College with great pride. She recently approached her family with the idea of creating a scholarship for the college as a way to continue their deep commitment to community service and to assist students in need.  The Yow Family Scholarship will provide financial support for high achieving Norco College students with financial need, with preference given to students who are the first in their families to attend college.

“My family and I are all proud alumni of California Community Colleges,” Jocelyn said. “My father graduated from Palomar College, my mother graduated from Mission College, and my brother and I graduated from Norco College. We would not be here without the community colleges.”

Jocelyn is currently pursuing a master's degree and working towards her long-term career goal of teaching at a community college. She also plans to run for public office in the future. Her brother Johan is interested in pursuing finance and business, and aims to be an entrepreneur. Both Yow siblings have bright futures, and RCCD Foundation is honored that the family has chosen to give back to Norco College by establishing a scholarship.   

For more information about the RCCD Foundation scholarship program, please visit the Foundation website: 
www.rccd.edu/foundation or call us at 951-222-8626.

Norco College alumna Jocelyn Yow (center) at her graduation from UC Berkeley in 2015. 
Jocelyn's brother, Johan (left) is also an alumnus of Norco College.