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The NASA SUITS Design Challenge Team of 2020


Twenty Norco College students were selected to participate in the annual NASA Spacesuit User Interface Technologies for Students (SUITS) challenge to design, develop, and test augmented reality user interfaces for astronauts. This technology allows astronauts to check suit vitals through helmet displays, navigate around uncharted territories such as Mars or the moon, and provide mission instructions through holograms.


“Our goal is to promote STEM education. We're attending STEM Expos, visiting K-12 classrooms, and want to hammer home the idea that anyone is capable of doing amazing things," said NASA SUITS student leader Angel Lim.


Norco College is one of 10 college teams invited to attend test week in April at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Students will participate in poster-board sessions, career-building events, and present their project to personnel from NASA & Microsoft.


Follow the project progress via social media at:


Facebook: @NasaNorco

Instagram: @NorcoNasaSuits

Twitter: @NorcoNasaSuits