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Introducing EduNav


We are pleased to introduce EduNav, Riverside Community College District's improved education planning and registration system.

With EduNav, you plan and register for all your courses in a guided, intuitive system personalized to your needs and preferences. You can quickly:

  • Visualize your pathway to graduation, term by term - and understand how any changes to your plan affect your completion timeline
  • Block times you'd prefer not to take classes and have the system automatically find classes that meet your needs
  • Plan, schedule and register for all your courses in one intuitive interface
  • View your entire academic history including any courses transferred from other institutions

We have begun a phased rollout with select students, and plan to make EduNav available to all students by the end of 2019. This page will provide students, counselors, and staff with the resources they need to use EduNav.​

For more information, click HERE.​