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Staff & Faculty

Is there a fee to use

Norco College is providing FREE unlimited access to for its employees and students.  It is part of Norco College’s commitment to providing professional development activities for all employees (Strategic Plan and Process 2013-2018 Goal #7) and making technology training a priority for all students, faculty, and staff (Technology Strategic Plan 2013-2016 Goal #1).


Are faculty allowed to print information about on their syllabi?

Yes.  Faculty is encouraged to share the news that is available to all Norco College students.  Videos and other materials may be used in the classroom.

What should faculty do if a student in their class is not registered as a Norco College “home college” student but they need access to as part of their class?

If a student who has not declared Norco College as their “home college” is taking a class at Norco College and needs access to, the student and/or faculty can email with verification of the class to request an account for  We will verify with Admissions and Records prior to creating an account for the student.  Once approved, the student will receive a “welcome email” from requesting the student complete his/her profile.

Can I use for FLEX Credit?

Yes. You must print out a report on the number of hours spent on training and attach it to your FLEX Credit Request form and submit it to your Department Chair for FLEX Credit approval.


As Classified Staff, can I use for Professional Growth?

The Technology Committee has requested a review of for professional growth to the Professional Growth Committee.  Results are pending.  However, you may submit the professional growth paperwork to the committee on your own.

As a reminder, in order to qualify for professional growth, all professional development training should be done outside of work hours.  It is acceptable to view a short video at work to assist you with work tasks at hand.  Hours of professional development in technology training for professional growth must be done outside of work hours.