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​​Testing Services

The Assessment Center offers the following tests:

​​Calfornia Chemistry Diagnostic Test:  Is availabe to students who want to take Chemistry 1A and have either completed Chemistry 2A or one year of high school chemistry lab.  ​​

Profeciency Test in English as a Second Language (PTESL):  Is recomended to non-native English speakers who wish to enroll into English as a Second Language.  By appoinment only.

Spanish:  Non-native speaking students who want to enroll in Spanish 2 or above.​

Reading and Math Compentency Tests:  Is availabe to students who are referred from the Evaluation/Counseling Department in order to meet graduation requierements.  This test is by appoinment only.

Ability to Benefit:​  Students without a high school diploma who will be applying for financial aid.  (By appointment only)