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​Spanish Placement Test

The Spanish placement test is used to assess students' readiness for Spanish course work. These results will show a recommendation of the appropriate Spanish class - anywhere from Spanish 1 through Spanish 4. Students can enroll into a course lower than what is stated on the results, but not higher.

Spanish Placement Test Details: The Spanish test presents questions of different ability levels, adapting the next question's level according to your answers. The number of items you will be required to complete depends upon your ability to use the language. Please set 40 min for the entire process, however, the test typically takes 20 to 30 min to complete. Results may take 1 - 2 business​ days and can be viewed in WebAdvisor or MyPortal. A picture ID is required to take the test. 

The test is offered remotely, online via Zoom and you will need to use a computer or laptop to complete the test. 

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Did you complete 2 or more years of Spanish in high school with a "C" or better?  Please visit ​Alternative Placement and learn how you can use these courses to enroll into Spanish 2 at Norco College.

Do you have AP test results for a foreign language or literature? Please visit Alternative Plac​ement​ and learn how you can use these results to earn credit.

Placement into other languages:

Students who would like to place into other languages may request placement by contacting World Languages Faculty and / or Arts & Humanities World Language (AHWL) Department Chair to set up an appointment for evaluation. Click here to find the contact information.

Credit by Examination (CBE) World Languages
Spanish only: 

If a student takes the Spanish Placement Test and places higher than Spanish 1, passes a higher level course with a C or better, they may petition for Credit by Exam (Please see CBE form ) to receive credit for the course(s) below:

  • Placed in SPA-2, enrolled in or passed SPA-2: apply for CBE for SPA-1
  • Placed in SPA-3, enrolled in or passed SPA-3: apply for CBE for SPA-1 or SPA-2 
  • Placed in SPA-4, enrolled in or passed SPA-4: apply for CBE for SPA-1, SPA-2, or SPA-3

Please note, students may apply for only one CBE petition per semester

Norco College Spanish faculty recommends that students on the Spanish AA-T/ AD-T track and aiming to major or minor in Spanish at a university take SPA-1, SPA-2, SPA-3, SPA-4 rather than petition for CBE.​

Other Languages:
Students can also petition for Credit by Examination (CBE) in other languages by completing the CBE form. This process is the same as the Credit by Exam for Spanish. ​