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Staff Development
  1. Definition of Staff Development
    Staff development is a planned learning program, activity or experience that has as its major purpose the maintenance or increase in employees’ job related knowledge and skill that contribute to the employees’ ability to effectively carry out his/her job duties and responsibilities. Staff development also provides positive reinforcement and enhancement to employees’ morale, self-esteem, self-improvement and upward mobility.
  2. Eligibility
    All regular classified and confidential employees are eligible to request Staff Development Funds.
  3. Goals and Objectives
    1. The Classified & Confidential Staff Development Program goals and objectives are as follows:
      1. Provide programs that enable the classified staff to maintain and improve their knowledge and skills in the technical aspects of their individual and collective job responsibilities.
      2. Provide support to the academic, management and student services personnel in the technical aspects of their job responsibilities.
      3. Increase the number of on-site training programs and activities that involve large numbers of participants.
      4. Encourage individual employee’s job-related self-development through participation in District-provided training opportunities.
      5. Conduct District-wide survey of employees’ needs and interests.
      6. Review the staff development funding application and criteria for modification and improvement.
  4. Classified & Confidential Staff Development Committee
    1. The primary purpose of the Committee is to provide programs which enable all classified staff to maintain and improve their job-related knowledge and skills in the technical aspects of their individual and collective job responsibilities, to encourage employees to participate in District-provided staff development programs, and to review and process applications for staff development funding.
    2. The composition of the Classified & Confidential Staff Development Committee includes five to seven classified and confidential employees. Membership will consist of representation from the various employee groups: clerical, technical, skilled trades and support service staff. The Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources, or designee, will chair the Committee.
  5. Criteria for the Evaluation of Staff Development Funding Requests
    1. Evaluation Criteria
      The following criteria will be used as a guideline in determining the expenditure of staff development funds:
      1. Availability of funds
      2. Job relatedness
      3. Benefit to the District, Colleges, departments and employees
      4. Amount of expenditure required
      5. Individual vs. group participation
      6. Availability of similar opportunity locally
      7. Repetitive programs; budget implication
      8. Availability of departmental funds
      9. Locale of Staff Development activity
      10. Reasonableness of costs
    2. Committee’s Decision-Making Flexibility
      In order to best serve the needs of the District and to meet the goals and objectives of the classified employees staff development program, the Classified & Confidential Staff Development Committee reserves the right to set necessary priorities and to use the aforementioned evaluation criteria for determining the expenditures of staff development funds. Also, the Committee’s decisions to grant, deny, or modify the amount of funds for staff development activities do not constitute precedents to restrict future decisions. The Committee believes that it is in the best interest of the overall staff development program to evaluate staff development requests on a case-by-case basis.
    3. Funding Limitations
      The following limitations are set for the purpose of assuring prudent use of staff development funds:
      1. Auto mileage or train fare expenses may not exceed lowest airfare available.
      2. Retroactive funding is not allowed for participation in or attending staff development activities or programs prior to receiving approval by the Classified & Confidential Staff Development Committee through the established procedures.
      3. Reimbursement may not be granted for expenditure categories not initially requested or which exceed the total amount authorized.
  6. Variety of Staff Development Programs
    Staff Development programs which enhance employees’ personal and professional development, knowledge and skills are offered in many forms including but not limited to:
    1. Informational meetings
    2. Departmental meetings
    3. District-provided workshops
    4. Professional organization workshops and seminars
    5. Professional organization conferences
    6. Community education and on-line workshops
    7. Audio-visual materials
  7. Procedures for Requesting Staff Development Funds
    1. Submission of Request Form (See Appendix A)
      1. Requests for staff development funds must be submitted to the District Classified & Confidential Staff Development Committee via the Diversity & Human Resources Office. The form may be obtained in the Diversity & Human Resources office.
      2. Requests should be submitted no later than 15 working days preceding the event. The District will not reimburse expenditures or commitments made prior to the Committee’s approval of the request.
      3. The approved “Travel Request” form, completed in its entirety, must be attached to the Request for Classified & Confidential Staff Development Funds.
      4. The “Request for Classified& Confidential Staff Development Funds” form must be completed in it’s entirety with supporting documentation and appropriate signatures (all incomplete requests will be returned).
    2. An itemized expense claim, with receipts, must be submitted following travel (See Appendix C).
    3. All recipients of Classified & Confidential Staff Development funds must complete a Staff Development Activity Report (See Appendix D).

More information including forms are available on the Intranet (Login Required)