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FLEX Information
The flexible calendar program provides time for faculty, staff, and administrators to participate in activities that promote student learning.  Currently, faculty is required to participate in 18 hours of FLEX, but in 2013-14, the number of hours required for FLEX will increase to 24 accompanied by an increase of FLEX days in fall to three (3).

FLEX Policy
Getting Credit for FLEX

There are two ways to obtain FLEX credit:

  1. Attend a PDC sponsored FLEX workshop and sign in. 
  2. Develop your own FLEX plan and submit appropriate evidence of participation 

To Request FLEX Credit, please follow the steps below and submit evidence to Nicole Brown.

NOTE: You will need to be on campus and connected to the RCCD network in order to access the FLEX database. 

  1. Go to http://www.flextrack.org/ to login. 
  2. Login with your RCCD username & password  (e.g. rccd\mjones & mypassword) 
  3. Once logged in, you can view your completed activities, activities in progress, and Add a New Individual Activity. You will want to Add a New Individual Activity.
  4. Please record all the Individual Activities you have completed or plan to complete before June 30​.  When you enter your Individual Activity in FLEX, an automatic email will go to your department chair for approval.  Upon approval of your individual activity and receipt of your evidence of completion sent directly to me, you will be awarded Flex credit. 

NOTE: All events and workshop attendance sheets have been entered into the system.  If you attended an event/workshop and do not see it listed in the Completed Activities tab, please advise Nicole Brown on what the activity was and to whom you sent your evidence (please list date submitted).

Appropriate Evidence: the college requires evidence that you have completed and/or participated in an event outside of the PDC sponsored workshops. Submit your evidence to Nicole Brown, Instructional Support Programs Coordinator. Here are some common examples accepted as evidence:

  • an email confirming your registration for a conference 
  • sign-in sheets 
  • minutes from a meeting 
  • ID name tags with the conference logo on it 
  • programs/agenda schedules that contain your name if you are a speaker or submitted a paper. 
  • a copy of a published paper ​

Part-Time (PT) Faculty Documents

NOTE: Please be assured that part-time adjunct faculty DO NOT need to be on the Intranet or campus computer to access this website if they use the above link. The form will need to be completed by the PT Faculty personnel themselves as the form will auto-populate with the employee information of the person who logged into eTrieve Central.

For instructions on h​ow to use the eForms, click HERE​​. 


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