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​Room Keys &​​ Key Cards

All regular classroom keys are issued by the Office of Business Services. Please contact your IDS for more information to pick up your keys two weeks before​ the start of the semester. 

Faculty office keys are assigned by the Dean of Instruction's Office. Please contact Claudia Figueroa at (951) 738-7751 or E-mail for more information.

Key Cards
The College Resource Center (Mailroom) and the classrooms in the Industrial Technology (IT) building and Center for Student Success (CSS) require a keycard. The Business Services office issues all keycards. Please contact Elaina McDonald​ at (951) 372-7089 or E-mail to pick up your keycard.

Lost Keys
If you lose a key, report it at once to College Safety and Police to file a police report. This is required in order to replace lost keys. Never loan your key to other staff members or students. College Safety and Police will confiscate keys that have not been specifically issued to a particular individual. It is a misdemeanor to duplicate any District key. Associate faculty must return their keys at the end of each semester to the College Receptionist. 

All master keys require President approval.​

VIDEO: How to use the Electronic Key Cards