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Instructi​onal Department Specialists

The Instructional Department Specialists are here to support faculty. They are available to answer questions and assist faculty with a wide variety of issues and tasks. Some of the major tasks that the IDS team is responsible for are the following:

  • input of each semester's schedule, 
  • processing of teaching assignments, 
  • faculty attendance, 
  • purchasing, 
  • and, faculty wish lists. 

Each IDS is responsible for assisting multiple departments and works closely with many different disciplines.

The IDS Team​

Debbie Karrer
School of Social & Behavioral Sciences
School of Visual & Performing Arts
(951) 372-7076
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Susan Lafferty
​School of Math, Engineering, Computer Science & Game Development
School of Natural Sciences, Health & Kinesiology
(951) 372-7079
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Melissa Olivieri
School of Applied Technologies & Apprenticeships
School of Business & Management
School of Human & Public Services
(951) 738-7777
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Yolanda Stanley
School of Communication​, Humanities & Languages
(951) 372-7067
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