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Course Syllabus Shells

Beginning in the 2015-2016 Academic Year, the Norco College Academic Senate approved a syllabus “shell” as a best-practice tool for your consideration when developing your syllabus. Adoption of the syllabus shell is not mandatory; however, using it ensures that all students receive consistent information. 

It continues to be critical that the SLOs on your syllabus exactly match the language from the official Course Outline of Record.


ACC: Accounting

ADJ: Administration of Justice

ANT: Anthropology

ARE: Architecture

ART: Art

BIO: Biology

BUS: Business Administration

CAT: Computer Applications and Office Technology

CHE: Chemistry

CHI: Chinese 

CIS: Computer Information Systems

​COM: Communication Studies

CON: Construction

CSC: Computer Science

DAN: Dance


EAR: Early Childhood Education

ECO: Economics

ELE: Electronics

ENE: Engineering

ENG: English

ESL: English as a Second Language

FRE: French

GAM: Simulation and Game Development

GEG: Geography

GUI: Guidance

HES: Health Science


HIS: History

HUM: Humanities

ILA: Interdisciplinary Studies

JOU: Journalism

JPN: Japanese

KIN: Kinesiology

LIB: Library


MAG: Management

MAN: Manufacturing

MAT: Mathematics

MIS: Music Industry Studies

MKT: Marketing

MUS: Music

PHI: Philosophy

PHO: Photography


PHS: Physical Science


PHY: Physics

POL: Political Science

PSY: Psychology

REA: Reading

RLE: Real Estate

SCT: Supply Chain Technology

SOC: Sociology

SPA: Spanish

THE: Theater Arts

WKX: Work Experience