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California School Employees Association (CSEA)

Over 400 Riverside Community College District Employees are represented by the California School Employees Association (CSEA) Chapter 535. The chapter is within the area served by CSEA Region 33/Area F.

The organization shall [...] promote the good and welfare of the members of this organization under the available labor relations system, and to secure for them reasonable hours, fair wages and improved working conditions; to establish a spirit of cooperation, good faith and fair dealings with the employer; to safeguard, advance and promote the principle of free collective bargaining in a democratic society; to promote such legislation as may be in the best interests of the members of this organization; to promote the efficiency and raise the standards of service of its members and other public service workers; to instill confidence, good will and understanding among the members and their employers; to promote the economic and social welfare of the members of the Association through unity of action and mutual cooperation. (Section 2, By-Laws)

RCCD recognizes employees who serve in a variety of professional and specialized positions identified within the classified service as “classified professionals” per Board Resolution 61-21/22. Abbreviations can be used such as classified pros or CPROS. The term “staff” is recommended to be used when referring broadly to all employees of Norco College and/or RCCD.

NC Representatives

  • NC Vice President: Leona Vassale (Disability Resource Center)
  • NC Member-at-Large: Azadeh Iglesias (Phoenix Scholars)

CSEA Chapter 535 Representatives

  • Chapter President: Cassandra Greene (RCC)
  • Chapter Vice President: Evelyn Gonzalez (MVC)
  • Chapter Secretary: Bryan Medina (RCCD)
  • Chapter Treasurer: Mia Timme (RCC)
  • Chief Job Steward: Cyndi Gundersen (RCCD)
  • Chapter Communications Officer: Arlene Serrato (MVC)
  • Chapter Past President: Elena Santa Cruz (RCC)