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​S​cholarship Committee

The mission of the Norco College Scholarship Committee is to establish a fair and equitable process for screening applications for scholarships funded by the Riverside Community College District Foundation Department, the Community Foundation of Riverside County, community organizations and individuals, and district-wide college clubs.

The process that committee members are expected to follow in screening applications must include proof of a screening tool representing equality and fairness for all applicants and to meet all deadlines to ensure that the institution satisfies all responsibilities to donors, students and the community.​


Brianna Mason
Scholarship Committee Co-Chair
(951) 738-7206

Araceli Covarrubias
Scholarship Committee Co-Chair
(951) 738-7752​

​​​Meeting Schedule

The Scholarship Committee does not meet on a regular basis. Scholarship applications are reviewed every March by a group of staff and faculty volunteers and reviews are completed online.

​Com​mittee Members


  • Araceli Covarrubias (Co-Chair), World Languages
  • Maria Adams, Child Development
  • Sergio Alcalá, Counseling
  • ​Svetlana Borissova, Math and Science
  • Nicole Brown, Academic Affairs
  • Steven Camacho, English
  • Zina Chacon, Counseling
  • Meghan Chandler, Art
  • Tami Comstock, English
  • Weining Cui, Math & Science
  • Sean Davis, Counseling
  • Bani Ghosh, Science & Kinesiology
  • Monica Gutierrez, Biology
  • Vivian Harris, Library
  • Caroline Hutchings, Math and Science
  • Kiandra Jimenez, English-Communications
  • Maria Jurado, Counseling
  • Dakota Mattson, Communications
  • Adriana Moreno, Counseling
  • Timothy Mount, Communication/Humanities
  • Sara Nafzgar, Communications
  • Ana-Marie Olaerts, Communications
  • David Payan, Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • Lori Pelgone, Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • Judy Perry, Computer Information Systems
  • Nancy Quinones, Ethnic Studies
  • Michelle Ramin, Art Gallery Director
  • Lisbeth Rosales, World Languages
  • Tim Russell, History
  • Vyvyana Woolridge, Counseling
  • Kara Zamiska, Psychology
  • Ailene Zamora, Counseling/Guidance


  • Brianna Mason​ (Co-Chair), Student Financial Services
  • Vanessa Acosta, Admissions and Records
  • Sheri Cologgi, Business Services
  • Gilbert DeLeon, Counseling
  • Luis Diaz, Outreach
  • Stan Diouf, Student Financial Services
  • Brittany Emis, Student Financial Services
  • Claudia Figueroa​, Academic Affairs
  • Leo Garcia-Rivera, Outreach
  • Azadeh Iglesias, Title V
  • Shazna Uduman, Admission and Records
  • Jennifer Valencia, Student Financial Services
  • Lorena Valencia, Student Financial Services

​Suppor​ting Documents

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