​​safety committee banner

​​Committee Members

  • Justin Czerniak, College Safety and Emergency Planning Coordinator (Tri-Chair)
  • Robert Kleveno, Sergeant, Riverside Community College District Police Department​ (Tri-Chair)
  • Sigrid Williams, Assistant Professor, Administration of Justice (Tri-Chair)
  • Vanessa Acosta, Student Services Specialist
  • Miriam Carrillo, Assistant Director, Upward Bound Programs
  • Cathleen Chou, Interim Director, Student Health Services
  • John Coverdale, Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems
  • ​Mark Hartley, Dean, Student Life
  • Dan Lambros, ​Instructional Media/Broadcast Technician​, Instructional Media Center (Guest)
  • Adam Lyter, Warehouse Assistant (CSEA)
  • Stephen Park, Associate Professor, Mathematics (Guest)
  • Chris Poole, Library Clerk II​ (CSEA)
  • Suzanne Schepler, ​Grants Administrative Specialist (CSEA)
  • Stanley Tyler, Associate Professor, Chemistry
  • Steve Vaipulu, Officer, Safety & Police (CSEA) (Guest)
  • Tharek Phounsavat, Student (ASNC)
  • Ryan Snyder, Student (ASNC)​