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Committee Members

20-21 Membership:

  • Monica Green, President, Administrative Chair
  • Virgil Lee, Faculty Chair and Faculty Representative Sciences & KIN
  • Ruth Leal, Classified Professional Chair
  • Quinton Bemiller,  Academic Senate President
  • Rex Beck, Faculty Representative BEIT
  • Angelica Calderon, ASNC President, Student Representative
  • Michael Collins, Vice President, Business Services
  • Leona Crawford, Classified Professional Representative
  • Monica Esparza, Classified Professional Representative
  • Kevin Fleming, Vice President, Strategic Development (interim)
  • Dominique Hitchcock, Faculty Representative AHWL
  • Samuel Lee, Vice President, Academic Affairs
  • Jethro Midgett, Faculty Representative At Large
  • Mark Lewis, Faculty Representative COMM
  • Chris Poole, Classified Professional Representative
  • Andy Robles, Faculty Representative MATH
  • Suzie Schepler, Classified Professional Representative
  • Kaneesha Tarrant, Vice President, Student Services
  • Sigrid Williams, Faculty Representative SBS
  • Patty Worsham, Chair of Chairs (District Enrollment Management)​

Advisors (non-voting):

  • ​Greg Aycock, Administrative Advisor   
  • Tenisha James, Administrative Advisor
  • Azadeh Iglesias, Classified Professional Advisor
  • TBA, Classified Professional Advisor  
  • Vivian Harris, Faculty Advisor
  • Adam Martin, Faculty Advisor