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​​Committee Members

  • Dr. Tenisha James (Co-Chair), Dean, Student Services
  • Melissa Bader (Co-Chair), Interim ​Dean of Instruction, School of Arts & Humanities, School of Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • ​Dr. Kaneesha Tarrant, Vice President, Student Services​
  • Dr. Sam Lee, Vice President, Academic Affairs​
  • ​Dr. Greg Aycock, Dean, Institutional Effectiveness​
  • ​John Moore, Associate Professor, Counseling​
  • Dr. Gustavo Oceguera, Dean, Grants Development & Administration
  • Dr. Jason Parks, Dean, Instruction

Equity Data: Analysis & Coaching​

The collection, examination, coaching, and distribution of comprehensive disaggregated data in order to inform and influence educational practices in and out of the classroom.

Administrative Lead
Greg Aycock
​Dean, Institutional Effectiveness
Faculty Lead
Courtney Buchanan
Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Classified Lead
Bernice Delgado
Grants Administrative Specialist
Student Lead
Tharek Phounsavat
ASNC VP Finance​

Faculty Advising​

Campus wide faculty mentoring across all programs and schools, with an intense focus on successfully supporting students through gateway courses through integrated academic and support services.​

Administrative Lead
Jason Parks
Dean of Instruction
Faculty Lead
Brady Kerr
Assistant Professor, Music Industry Studies
Classified Lead
Alex Spencer
Educational Advisor
Student Lead
Samia Irfan
ASNC VP Administration

Program to Career Connections

Evaluation of student and program learning outcomes with employment outcomes through projects, internships, co-ops, service learning, and other activities designed for students to deepen and apply skills.

Administrative Lead
David Schlanger
Project Manager, Title V PACES Grant
Faculty Lead
Ashlee Johnson
Assistant Professor, Engineering
Classified Lead
Lilia Garcia
​​Placement Coordinator
Student Lead
Isaac Nuñez​
ASNC VP Campus Org​

Career Counseling and Coaching​

Implementation of structured, research-based practices to assist students in exploring, understanding, and pursuing informed career decisions through coaching, counseling, and mentoring.​

Administrative Lead
John Moore
Counseling Department Chair
​Faculty Lead
Jethro Midgett
Associate Professor, Counseling
Classified Lead
Elizabeth Lopez
Counseling Clerk II
Student Lead
Angelica Calderon
ASNC President
Subject Matter Expert

​Anisha Salhotra

ASNC VP of Administration​

Cultural Competency

Increase the cultural competency of ALL staff and faculty, in and out of the classroom, in order to address unconscious bias and systemic racism, and create a culture of anti-racist, equity minded practices, teaching and counseling.​

Administrative Lead
Gustavo Oceguera
Dean of Grants & Student Equity Initiatives
Faculty Lead
Dominique Hitchcock
Professor of Spanish and French
Classified Lead
Stephanie Olguin
Enrollment Services Assistant
Student Lead
Tamilore Ajayi
ASNC VP Campus Activities