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​Equ​ity/Matriculation Committee

The purpose of the Equity/Matriculation Committee is to lead innovative campus initiatives, projects, and services to support student access, equity, and success. Matriculation brings the student and Norco College into an agreement regarding the student’s educational goal. Student equity brings the concept of “community” drawing from E. Grady Bogue, in “An Agenda of Common Caring: The Call for Community in Higher Education.” This “Call for Community” states,

The concept of community is central to our colleges and universities for the lessons that may be gained in the pursuit of community. Colleges and universities exist for purposes beyond developing knowledge and skill in our students. They are also sanctuaries of our personal and civic values, incubators of intellect and integrity. A collegiate community must be more than a collection of buildings connected only by steam lines and fiber optic cables. It must be a set of relations that recognize and celebrate a shared vision of purpose and values.

The purpose and values that drive the Equity/Matriculation Committee are evident in the Norco College Student Equity Plan​ and Matriculation Plan. This diverse group works collaboratively enabling Norco College’s community of faculty and staff to ensure all students who attend this institution have the opportunity to achieve their educational goals in an environment that values who they are, where they come from, and what they aspire to become.​