​​​​​​diversity, equity & inclusion committee banner

​​Committee Members

  • ​Dr. Greg Ferrer (Tri-Chair), Director, Disability Resource Center
  • Brady Kerr (Tri-Chair), Assistant Professor, Music Industry
  • Bernice Delgado (Tri-Chair), Student Equity Grants Admin Specialist
  • Eric Betancourt, Veterans Services Specialist
  • Arielle Benas, Associate Students of Norco College Representative
  • Anisha Salhotra​, Associate Students of Norco College Representative
  • Patricia Gill, STEM Services Developer, Title III STEM Grant
  • Anita Bailey, Student Success Coach
  • Azadeh Iglesias, Student Success Coach
  • Araceli Covarrubias, Assistant Professor, Spanish
  • Ammanda Moore, Assistant Professor, English
  • Anthony Becerra, Student Financial Services Analyst
  • Dominique Hitchcock, Professor of Spanish & French
  • Toren Wallace, Associate Faculty, Communications
  • Jacob Drainville, Assistant Professor, Anatomy & Physiology