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​Co​mmit​tee Members

  • ​Damon Nance, Dean, Technology & Learning Resources (School of Arts & Humanities)
  • Sarah Burnett, Professor, Early Childhood Education (School of Social & Behavioral Sciences)
  • ​​
​Faculty Members​
  • ​Michael Bobo, Assistant Professor, Humanities (School of Arts & Humanities)
  • Vivian Harris, Associate Professor, Library Services (School of Arts & Humanities​)
  • Marissa Iliscupi​dez, Associate Faculty, Counseling (School of Social & Behavioral Sciences)
  • Sandra Popiden, Associate Professor, Political Science (School of Social & Behavioral Sciences)
  • ​​Walte​r "Buck" Stevens, Professor, Theater Arts (School of Arts & Humanities)
  • Dana White, Assistant Professor, Accounting (School of Business & Management)
  • Suzanne Witmer, Assistant Professor, Health Science/Kinesiology (School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics​)
Student Members​