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Curricular Deadlines for the 2023-2024 College Catalog

2023-2024 RCCD Curriculum Approval Calendar (inclusion in the 2023-2024 catalog)

  • **FALL 2023 is AB1111 for CurricuQNet Freeze! Starts September 30 until January 1, 2024!
  • September 29, 2023
    • This is the deadline to launch a proposal into META.
    • Assuming that both discipline and department approve the proposal, this will give the minimum amount of time to reach Technical Review by its deadline.
    • Faculty are encouraged to launch proposals this Spring, Summer, and early September to assure adequate time for review and modification (if necessary).
    • Waiting until the Fall 2023 semester to begin curriculum revision and coordination with interested parties may hinder your ability to launch by September 29.
    • Please consider, launching a proposal into META does not guarantee its approval.  Coordination with discipline/department and technical issues all impact how quickly proposals are considered and approved.
  • November 7, 2023
    • This is the “hard” deadline for proposals to be considered at Tech Review.
    • Assuming that proposals have no substantial technical issues, they will be forwarded to college curriculum for consideration.
  • December 2023
    • This is the month where all curriculum proposals must be approved by RCCD Board.
  • Feburary 2024
    • This is the month where the deadline for all changes to the catalog must be submitted, for inclusion in the 2024-2025 catalog.

Faculty are encouraged to submit curricular proposals throughout the Spring 2022 semester, during Summer 2022 and through early Fall 2022 to best ensure inclusion in the 2023-2024 College Catalog.  Please allow for ample time for consideration at both Discipline and Department levels of review, and please coordinate with Discipline Facilitators and Department Chairs for timely approval.