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The CARE Network

The Care Network was created with the intention of assessing individuals-of-concern and to ensure that each student has access to the best possible support in their academic lives. Sometimes there are gray areas when supporting students in our college community and the CARE Network will ensure a clear process is available to all.

Formed through the cooperative efforts of college leadership and working with full authority of the Office of the President, the CARE Network

Meets weekly and responds to reports regarding individuals-of-concern:​

  • Work with, support and connects those individuals to resources as necessary.
  • Develops preventative identification, education and response strategies and
  • Follows up with individuals-of-concern

You may be the first to notice behavior or may hold the last clue to preventing a catastrophe. Whether the student has an outburst, going through personal challenges, or is acting out of character, The CARE Network wants to know about it.​

Please report concerning, risky or harmful behavior using the online CARE Network Reporting​ Form or ​contact a member of the CARE Network team member immediately.

For further information on the CARE Network procedures, please contact the Office of Student Life at (951) 372-7021, or the Dean of Student Life directly.

Dr. Mark Hartley
Dean, Student Life
(951) 738-7758
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Dr. Greg Ferrer
Director, Disability Resource Center
(951) 738-7785