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​Writi​​ng and Reading​ Center

When it​ comes to writing, each student possesses different skills, and faces differing areas of challenge. English and Writing tutors provide guidance in these areas, while emphasizing the student’s strengths. Tutors are able to assist students with writing assignments from any subject.​
Writing Support Center is a walk-in resource for students to visit at their convenience. No appointment is necessary. And of course, tutors are able to assist students with writi​ng assignments for any subject.

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Online Study Guides and Resources

Quotation Rules
Explains the seven basic rules for using quotations in essays and provides examples. 

Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab)
This online writing lab offers information on all aspects of writing.

Structure of an Argument (OWL)
Provides information on structuring argumentative papers.

Comma Rules
Provides explanation and examples for the eight most common ways of using commas. 

Guide to Grammar 
This is a link for a website to get help with grammar. This website contains help at the sentence level, paragraph level, essay, and research paper level.​

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