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​Su​pplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic support program designed to improve the student's academic success in traditionally difficult courses. SI sessions are regularly scheduled, peer-led study sessions that provide students an opportunity to meet with classmates to compare notes, discuss important concepts and develop study strategies for studying the subject. These sessions are available to all students enrolled in the course at no cost. Student attendance at SI sessions is voluntary.

SI leaders are model students who have been trained and already completed the class successfully. The leaders are selected based on faculty recommendation, their academic strengths as well as their communication skills. The SI leaders attend the class, take notes, do the readings and homework just like all the enrolled students.

What they won't do is re-teach or re-lecture; their job is to create a bridge between teaching and learning so students can learn the content more efficiently.

The leaders also meet regularly with the course instructor during their office hours to discuss what concepts should be stressed in the weekly sessions.

Who attends SI study sessions?

SI is open to all students enrolled in the targeted class and therefore attracts students from all ability levels. SI helps "A" students keep their "A" and it helps other students pull up their grades.​