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How Do I Become a Tutor? 

Tutoring sessions are led by qualified tutors who received an “A” or “B” in the respective courses for which they choose to tutor. They reinforce specific course material emphasized by the instructors and use their own successful student experiences to integrate what-to-learn with how-to-learn.

Tutors must have passed the class(es) they are tutoring in with at least a “B” grade or higher and:

  • Have completed ILA-1: Introduction to Tutor Training course.

    • Note: English and Writing tutors must complete ENG-4.

    • Completion of required courses does not guarantee job placement. Tutoring positions are offered based on the interview process, faculty recommendation, departmental need and availbility of funds.

  • Currently have and maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher each semester

  • Have excellent interpersonal skills

  • Minimum of 1 semester of coursework at any college or university

  • Submit an unofficial copy of your transcript(s)

  • Proof of enrollment in at least 6 units for the Fall and Spring semesters