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​S​TEM​ Scholars Program

The STEM Scholars Program prepares students pursuing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) related careers and majors by providing academic, career, and transfer assistance. Participants receive guidance, counseling, and mentoring to assist them in their transition from Norco College to a 4-year University.

STEM Scholars participants are committed to their academic success and value the importance of education. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to helping you achieve your academic goals.

Student Eligibility
All students who a​re interested in participating in the STEM Scholars Program must meet the following eligibility criteria.

Academic Requirement

  • Minimum RCCD 2.5 GPA (or if the student has recently graduated from high school a minimum 2.5 GPA). 
  • Student intends to pursue a Mathematics-based major. Majors that require Calculus I, II, Chemistry IA, IB, or Physics 2A or 4A qualify (see STEM counselor for details). 
  • Student indicates intent to transfer to a four-year institution 
  • Completion of (or concurrent enrollment in) Intermediate Algebra (MAT-35). 
  • Student has indicated Norco College as his/her home campus. 
  • Student maintains a minimum of part-time status (6 units) each Fall/Spring terms. 

The application period for Fall 2018 is closed. The application period for Spring 2018 is to be determined at a later date.​