​​​​​​​​​​STEM Engineering Pathways​​

STEM ​​​Engineering Pathways

Strengthening Transfer in Engineering & Matriculation in STEM2 Pathways

Funded by Title III-HSI Grant

STEM Engineering Pathways at Norco College is designed for students pursuing transfer to a 4-year university as an engineering or computer science major. 

The STEM Engineering Pathways program provides students with career and academic counseling, assistance with the transfer process, and coaching every step of the way. The program also provides internship, researchscholarship and field trip​ opportunities for students.​

STEM Engineering Pathways at Norco College helps students to achieve their goals one step at a time. We have fully committed staff and faculty who specialize in STEM fields. ​

Applications are no longer being accepted for the STEM Engineering Pathways Program as grant funding ends in 2021.