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Dual Enrollment​​ Application Steps​

​Application Process Checklist

The following steps are required for High School Students enrolling in a Dual Enrollment class at Norco College. If you are taking a class at your school site, you are considered a "Dual Enrollment" student.

Fall 2022 Deadline:

Class Registration starts on May 9, 2022 (Please check your registration date on WebAdvisor)​

Last day to apply for Fall term: August 12th.

Step 1: Reach out to yo​ur High School Counselor​​

Check with your High School Counselor what class you could take through our Dual Enrollment program. When considering Summer or Winter terms keep in​ mind that courses are more demanding as we cover in a few weeks what it would usually be covered on a regular semester. You can also meet with our Academic Counselor.

S​tep 2: Apply to Norco

Have you applied to Norco recently or taking a Dual Enrollment class within the last year? If so, you may skip this step. 

​If you are a new student, or you are not taking a class this semester, you must complete a new college application. Follow step by step from this video since there are specific questions that you will need to answer as a High School student.


Step 3: Access your new RCCD email & Portal

You will receive a welcome to Norco College email within 48 hours of applying. The email will have your new RCCD Student ID and email address. You will need to set up your email in order to complete the next step. Make sure to save your username and password. 

Follow these instructions to log in for the first time with your default password.

Are you having any problems with your email, or need to reset your password? ​​​​

Step 4​: Complete the Parent Approval Form

​Once you have received your Student ID #, and accessed your new email account, you will need to complete an Electronic Parent Approval Form. Please note that you will need to log in with your new RCCD credentials (Email & Password) ​to access this form.

If you encounter any issues accessing or completing the Electronic​ Form, you may fill out the PDF Fillable Student/Parent Approval form. Once completed, email it to our Dual Enrollment program. You only need to complete one form. 

This form is valid for the Academic Year (Summer 2022, Fall 2022, and Spring 2023)​

Step 5: Register for Classes​

Registration for ​FALL 2022 begins on/after May 9, 2022​

Once your Parent Approval Form is approved by your High School and by Norco College, you will receive a registration (enrollment) date. At that ​point, you will be able to officially register for your classes. You may register via Webadvisor or MyPortal​

Follow the steps from this video if you are planning to use WebAdvisor.


Follow the steps from this video if you are planning to use MyPortal.


Step 6: Attend your class

For courses offered online only, you will need to log into CANVAS ​with your RCCD credentials. If you do not see any course information posted, do not worry, your course information will most likely show closer to the start of the term/semester​.​

Have a great semester!​​ 

If y​ou have any questions, please contact our Dual Enrollment Program or visit our Virtual Office