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Green Technician Program

Norco College offers a Green Technician program that teaches renewable energy and sustainability in the solar industry. Design, installation, and maintenance issues of solar panels.​ Green Technician Certificate earned upon completion.

Online and on-campus study : Hybrid Classes Continue for Fall Semester due to Covid-19.

Enrollment of 4 courses under our School of Stem for Certificate:

Electronics: ELE (MAN)-77 Electrical Theory for Electricians (3 units) OR  ELE-11 DC Electronics (4 units)              AND all of these:

                      ELE-13 AC Electronics,  (4 units)

                      ELE-91  Fundamentals of Solar Energy (3 units)

                      MAN-55  Occupational Safety and Health Administration, (OSHA) Standards for 

                                       General Industry  (1 unit)

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Green Technician installing solar panels on roof

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