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Randy Sherer


Randy Sherer

Student of Distinction (2021)


"So originally I went to Riverside City College, and I decided to do that because it would be cheaper than just going straight to a university, but since my major is Architecture, I had to do classes at the Norco campus because they didn't offer it at the Riverside campus. The Promise program has been very beneficial for me; my school actually just qualified to be on the list like the year I graduated, so I was very fortunate to be able to qualify for it because of that. It's allowed me to basically do my first two years here for very little cost, and since I do have a sister that saved my family a lot of money, and they've helped me with books, they've helped me (obviously) with classes and all that."

"So my time at Norco College as well as the Riverside campus. I've experienced a lot of help from a lot of people and the classes have been very challenging, and they've helped me improve my skills a lot. I'd say the English and history classes - they've taught me a lot more than I knew in high school and i'm just really thankful that I went here because my sister is at just a regular university. It seems that the curriculum here is a lot more challenging than over there so I'm actually really glad I went here first."

"I'd like to thank my professor for just always being there. He's challenged me to do my best work on every project assignment... everything. He's also been very grateful that I'm showing that I like to do his assignments as well as doing my best work, and I'm just really thankful to have met him, because he's also been really nice to me, and his classes just overall been very fun."


Student of Distinction: Randy Sherer